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Revamp is a Shopify agency that specializes in helping e-commerce businesses with custom apps to fulfill unique business needs

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Custom Shopify Apps

For a specific need that is not met by the public Shopify apps

Custom Integrations

Connect to your CRM, ERP and more

CRM for Shopify

Connect your store to award-winning Revamp CRM to track your customers activities and segment them

Custom Shopify Apps from the developers of Wishlist Hero

Custom Shopify apps are apps that are developed specifically for an individual business or client, to meet their unique needs and requirements. These apps are not available on the Shopify app store and can only be installed on the client’s store.


They are built using the Shopify API and Liquid template language, and can be created for a several reasons, such as adding unique functionality, integrating with other tools, or customizing the checkout experience.


Wishlist Hero has 7000+ active customers, and around 400 raving reviews.

Custom Integrations to grow your Shopify business

  • Integrating with other software platforms like CRM, ERP, email marketing, and analytics tools to streamline business operations and improve customer experience.

  • Integrating with other payment gateways, accounting software, and shipping providers to offer more options to customers.

  • Integrating with other platforms such as social media, content management systems, and other external databases to improve the user experience and increase reach.

Revamp CRM – Award winning CRM for Shopify

A cloud-based CRM tailored to Online Retailers to provide seamless sales follow-up along with enriched deduplicated 360 profiles and precise customers segmentation using 60+ criteria.

10+ million contacts

Fastest initial sync process in the market

Award-winning UI & product.

Automation engine

Revamp CRM   has raving reviews on the leading Capterra & G2