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Revamp CRM for Charity
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Capture Leads
Email Marketing
Get a complete view of your interactions
 Revamp CRM for Charity. Gather all your fundraisers by uploading your files and records into one system which will enhance your level of communication, gives you a 360 profile view of your volunteers and affiliates while keeping your history.

Capture leads & optimize your resources
Capture more fundraisers using our web lead clipper and increase your database to grow your relationships with donors, volunteers and constituents by adding their information by one click
Communicate more, raise more
Reach the right people with the right message. Communicate, track and manage your campaigns and results. Also, keep alerted using our reminders by tracking grants and deadlines.

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Using Revamp CRM for Nonprofit Charities

By using Revamp CRM, you will be able to gather all your data, emails by uploading your files and records into one system which will enhance your level of communication gives you a 360 profile view for your customers, and save your record history. You can also manage your potential customers using our web lead clipper all in one place.

Team sharing by assigning tasks to your team members with the ability to manage your team performance through our “Sales by user” reports.

Manage your Deals through our informative “Sales pipeline”, enjoying more than one view. You can also have the ability to filter your deals, “for ex if you want to view all the closed deals”.

Contacts List

Send automated emails to follow up with your customers and get notified, add notes to you deals, customers profiles, check regularly tasks dashboard, and receive notifications if there is upcoming tasks or rotten deals.

Get all the data they need into one place so there is full transparency across the organization about their customers.

So whenever you are approaching a customer you’d need to view such info:

  1. Every interaction they have had with you (last contacted), who is responsible for that contact.
  2. A list of all their deals with you, done, lost or won(previous deals)
  3. If they have submitted any tickets. (Ticketing)
  4. Every marketing campaign they were added to (email history)
  5. All sales opportunities, quotations, and invoices

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