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Add to Wishlist Button Placement

The ‘Add to Wishlist’ button gets attached below the Add to Cart button on your product details page.

This is a default setting, but you can customize the wishlist button placement according to your preferences in just 2 simple steps.

Step 1: Go to the Shopify Admin Console -> Online Store -> Themes -> Edit Code.

Sections` and search for the `product-template.liquid` Or just `Templates` > `product.liquid`

Step 2:

Find the location requested by the customer to add the button to, and just copy the below code

HTML code to be copy-pasted:

 {% render 'wishlisthero-custom-button.liquid' %}

You can use this code and place it wherever you think is the right fit according to the theme of your website. Once the button is attached, you can use CSS to style/align the button as required.

Note: Our button codes are dynamically rendered and is not available on the product template.