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Email Reminders

Q1: Which email reminders do you send?

On price drop and low stock, you can set their threshold under settings. We’re planning to offer time-based email reminders i.e. send reminders after x hours/days of adding a product to the wishlist.

Q2: On price drop and low stock notification emails, up to how many products are shown there?

We show multiple products per email depending on the number of items in the customer’s wishlist that have had the price dropped or are running low on stock,

Q3: Are these emails sent even when a product is out of stock?

No, only sent when the products is in stock at the time of sending the email.

Q4: Are these emails not sent when a product is set to offline in the Shopify backend?

Yes, they are sent for published ones.

Q5: What is the trigger and conditions to send the price drop notification email? Is it right after the price has been updated?

Emails are sent grouped multiple times in the same day. So it is close to the price drop, but not instant. To allow time for a group of more than one product to be grouped in the same email ( not to spam customers ).

Q6: How does the app know that the price has dropped? Does it know when we set the price both in Price and Compare at Price?

Yes, and compared to the price the customer saw when the item was wishlisted. You do configure from the Wishlist Hero app settings the percentage of price drop that will send out an email ( e.g. a minimum of 10% drop ).

Q7: What is the trigger and conditions to send the low stock notification email?

When Product stock is being tracked on admin, You also have a setting in Wishlist Hero app settings for the minimum threshold after which an email reminder is sent ( e.g. if the remaining stock is less than 10 units )

Q8: For both emails, what will happen in the case below? Use case: A product is set to offline -> price changes / stock changes -> product is back online -> Emails will be sent?

Yes, an email will be sent in this case