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Everything about your B2B & B2C customers in one place, including deals, orders, files, notes and tasks.


Manage your sales team performance. Detailed sales reporting & forecasting.


Send personalized & timely emails and keep the customer relation strong.

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For Sales teams looking to know more and sell more to their customers

For Shopify, BigCommerce or WooCommerce store owners and their sales teams

Revamp CRM

All the tools you need in one place

A full featured Sales and eCommerce CRM for businesses of all sizes. Track Activities, Deals and Orders. Manage, Segment and Email your Customers and Leads. Create workflows and do much more.

Mobile & Productivity tools

Productivity wherever you are. Works on your phones and tablets (iOS app & Android app). A dedicated extension for Gmail here, plus a handy lead clipper for Chrome here.

Security & Privacy

Compliant with GDPR, check here. You own your data, therefore you can export it at anytime. We use the same levels of encryption security that banks do to protect consumer’s data over the web (SSL 256bit).


A Sales and eCommerce CRM that speaks your language, supports English, Arabic, Spanish & French. German & Portuguese are planned for June 2019


Above all, you can connect 80+ of your Favorite Apps to Revamp CRM. As a result this makes running your business even easier and integrate Revamp CRM with your apps from eCommerce, Live Chat, Web Forms, Invoicing, Payments, Scheduling, Productivity tools and more. You can check all available integrations here.

We’re here to help

Help at every turn. Email us at, chat, or schedule a demo here. For self-help, you can check our tutorial video here, and a complete knowledge-base here.

The CRM You Can Trust

It completely integrates with our eCommerce platform, BigCommerce and makes for ease of tracking our customers and sales data. Best CRM for eCommerce that we have found.

Verified Reviewer


I like the fact that everything is in one place and is easy to see everything and is easy to use. This makes it fast and easy to be able to go in whenever you want and look at things such as sales history, email marketing, etc.

Sonja B.


Links directly with email, tracks progress of both sales, and employees. Keeping daily tasks and goals on the CRM is extremely helpful in completing the tasks without anything falling in between the cracks or gets pushed to the side.

Bryan D.


Revamp is cost effective and an excellent resource which allows me a call back feature and a way to group and manage my contacts. It has all of the fields I need to manage my business.



I just posting this review to give feedback on the customer service I experienced. The revamp team were great and very helpful. With their help I was able to get the functions working I needed and I can concentrate on applying this to my business.



Great value for price point. A lot of amazing functionality and features that would only be available in a more expensive CRM. It works well for our company on the B2B-side, although it seems to be well built for our B2C customers & transactions as well. The segments and automations are great!!

Genevieve C.

Operations Director