Revamp CRM

Case Study
The Challenge
Build a cloud-based CRM tailored to Small Business owners and Online Retailers to provide seamless sales and marketing automation along with customer relationship machine in one place.  
The Process

User experience and security were two of biggest focal points.

For building such platform with all different critical features in it, agile process focused on lean UX to deliver a system that is user-friendly and incentive sales teams to really use it.

We focused on creating detailed user personas and focused on our core use cases in order to build a simply amazing product.

Our Milestones:

April 2015: Launched, Contacts and Sales Management (v 1.0 )

June 2015: Integrated with 20 Apps (v1.2)

August 2015: Sales & Marketing Automation ( v2.0)

September 2015: Easier migration from other CRMs + Referral system ( v2.2)

November 2015: eCommerce + Activity-based Automation (v3.0)

Q1 2016: Integration with 30 more Apps + Social (v4.0)

The Solution
Powerful CRM system integrated with more than 24 apps and tools to provide seamless workflow experience for small business and online retailers.
  • CRM System With the ability to import contacts database from email, social networks, web forms and more in a matter of seconds. All database will be organized and related data like tags, notes, emails, tickets and more are saved in each contact profile.
  • Intuitive Segmentation Revamp CRM automatically divide your customer database into different segments based on shopping behavior, email and website activities, demographics and more. Not only that but users can also create custom segments to match their business needs and marketing goals.
  • Sales Follow-up Reminders & Task Management Revamp CRM Follow-up reminders are set once and that’s it, the system will remind users to make a contact or send an email at the right time to help sales teams have fewer cold connections and more warm relationships.
  • Visual Sales Pipeline We give you 3 efficient views of your deals and a super easy way to move them forward, simply drag and drop: – Pipeline view where user’s deals are displayed by their stage. – Timeline view where user’s deals are displayed by their likely close date. – List view where a user can export your deals into other spreadsheets.
  • Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Automation is the answer to regulating even relatively complex business development workflows. It allows users to set off a customized sequence of marketing actions which are triggered by customers’ purchase, email and website behavior.
“Revamp CRM is all about making business workflow easier with its dynamic segmentation, sales and marketing automation engine. And that’s why customers will get a head start to achieve the business results they want.” — Finances Online