Unleashed Integration with Revamp CRM  

With Unleashed’s Revamp CRM integration, you can automatically create and/or update Revamp CRM

records as Orders and Customers are added from Unleashed. Keep your team informed, collaborate better and run workflows

Unleashed Integration Details

Know your customer better. We’ll help you do that once you set up this integration. Revamp CRM gives you the ability to synchronize your customers, products and orders from your Unleashed account.


  • We sync (every two hours) your Unleashed customers, products and orders.
  • If your contacts don’t exist in your Revamp CRM account, we will automatically create new contacts.
  • We will sync all your orders and attach them to the relevant Revamp CRM contact profile.
  • Your orders status will get updated according to changes in your Unleashed account.
  • You can use our contact management tools and filters to easily segment customers.
  • You can create tasks for your sales reps.
  • You can send timely and personalized automated emails to retain your customers.


You can optionally sync your orders and customers from your eCommerc store as well (Shopify, BigCommerce or WooCommerce) and have Revamp CRM as the point of truth for all customers. Hence,  you can automate marketing activities and log any customer issues/complaints in one spot. 


What You Need

  • Unleashed account
  • Revamp CRM account
  • See how to configure the integration here.

About Unleashed

  • Unleashed is online inventory software designed for use by small, medium, and large businesses.

  • What most distinguishes Unleashed is how extensive the system is; the wealth of different features makes it something that any type of company could use – from, say, a small independent shop to a large corporation with multiple warehouses and extensive product lines selling internationally.

About Revamp CRM

  • Revamp CRM is a full featured Commerce CRM for businesses of all sizes. You can track Activities, Deals and Orders. In addition, you can Manage, Segment and Email your Customers. After that, you create workflows and do much more.

What is next for Unleashed Integration

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