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Contact Management

Qualify Leads

   Organize unlimited customers with Tags, Score,    and Contact Stages


   Automatic categorizing using multiple filters and    conditions

Duplicate Detection

   Merge duplicates, Keep your data clean and    updated

360 Customer Profile

   Add a note, file, task, emails, & custom fields.

Bulk Actions

   Send Bulk Emails, Export CSV, Bulk Assign Contacts    to team.

Follow-up & Tasks

Automatic Reminders

   Set reminders on Hot Segments, automatic Tasks    wil be created.

Create & Assign Tasks

   You and your team receive a To-day’s Tasks Email.

Connect Calendar

   2 Way sync with Google, Outlook, iCal and more.

Tasks Dashboard

   Focus on daily activities, postpone meetings, send    emails, add notes.


   Setup Automation for daily workflow routine and    follow-up routine.

Deals & Reports

Multiple visual pipelines

   Easy way to move deals forward, simply drag and    drop.

Multiple currencies and stages

   Customize pipeline stages. Deals with multiple    currencies in one pipeline.

Visual Reports & Funnel

   Track deals progress through your funnel, Identify    the stages where you are winning and losing deals.

User Permissions

   Regulate what sales reps see and do to protect    your valuable data.

Sales Settings

   Rotten Deals, Deal Source, Region, and Product

Email Integration

Send, forward & receive

   All email conversations recorded inside relevant    contact profile.

Gmail Extension

   Get to know your contacts’ deals history, tasks and    last follow-up Also you capture any email to be    added to contact profile.

Email to a task / Deal

   Sync to Google, Outlook, etc…

Send Emails

   Send one-to-one emails, Bulk emails and Marketing    emails.

Email Marketing

Send Email Campaigns

   Send or Schedule Newsletters with our easy to use     email builder.


   Dynamic tags to personalize your emails,

Email Templates

   Choose a visual template that fits the message you    want to get across.

Marketing Automation

   Setup drip email campaigns to nurture your leads.

Email Performance Tracking

   Insightful metrics on open, click, bounced    unsubscribed rate and more.

Mobile & Productivity

Works on your phones and tablets
(iOS app & Android app).
A dedicated extension for Gmail here,
plus a handy lead clipper for Chrome here.

Connect 80+ of your Favorite Apps
to Revamp CRM.
You can check all available
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