Scalable Web Apps Development

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SaaS/Web Apps

Blazing fast apps integrated with your business backend

Reporting Dashboards

Visual real-time Insights into your business

Performance Optimization

Caching, Queueing, HA & Microservices

Backends for Mobile & TV Apps

Host them as a scalable microservices architecture

4 Reasons for a Blazing Fast Web App

Award winning team with raving reviews

You can check our customers raving reviews on Shopify, Clutch & G2.

Web Applications are our passion. The minute you hire us, you get a full team of visualizers, road mappers and geek developers addicted to your idea. We dig deep into your business needs and come up with the best web application solutions that can bring your idea to live.

Clear Mockup = Clear Scope

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Bite-Sized Milestones

Support After launch

Faster time to market

Our process helps businesses around the world to have faster time to market & deliver faster value to their customers & partners. Our process has four pillars.  

Technology Stack that Scales

We use the leading technology stack to help your business scale while staying secure:

MERN Stack: Node.js, Next.js (React.js), Express.js and MongoDB

Caching: Redis

Queueing: AWS SQS

Integration: with ERP/backend/ESB

Integration with cloud services: we have done 80+ integrations with payment gateways, email marketing shipping providers, POS, eCommerce & accounting.

Insightful Reporting Dashboards 

Slow decision making process, we hear you. We develop fully-integrated solutions that empowers employees and allows your team to make effective data-driven decisions.

Backends for TV & Mobile Apps

We build backend for mobile apps and TV apps and use Vercel or your favorite deployment platform to host them as a scalable microservices architecture.

We use Node.js for the backend, along with MongoDB or Firebase, for rapid implementation without reinventing the wheel.