Wishlist Hero FAQs

How to translate Wishlist into Non-English Languages?

All customer-facing text is available under Settings > Appearance. Would accept all languages.

Should my customers log in before using Wishlist

No, Wishlist Hero supports Wishlist for guests.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, you can find the detail here.

What is the Wishlist Quota Usage and how does it work?

It denotes the total number of times any product was added to Wishlist by your customers during that month.  You can view the Quota Usage by going to Dashboard. Removing a product from a wishlist doesn’t impact the quota. If the your plan’s quota is exceeded, then you can upgrade. If not then the app will get disabled from your site and users might not be able to access their Wishlist. 

Developer’s Installation FAQs

Wishlist Hero Installation Developer Guide

  1. On you store admin screen, Go to “Online store” > “Themes
  2. Check the theme you want to edit, and click on the “Actions” button, then on “Edit Code
  3. Now, we need to find the product card snippet, this differs from one theme to another, Possible places we have seen it in ‘snippets/product-card.liquid‘ , ‘snippets/product-grid-item.liquid‘, ‘snippets/product-list-item.liquid‘ or ‘snippets/grid-item.liquid
  4. Edit the product card snippet you find, and place the following code snippet within the container have the product image at the very top.

    {% render 'wishlisthero-collection-product' with product: product %}

    Other optional parameters you can pass to the snippet:

    a. buttonMode : controls how the button is displayed, by default this is an icon only. Possible options: button_with_icon , button_only, text_only, icon_only, text_with_icon Or default to display as per configuration from page.

    b. buttonClass : Controls the class for the overall container, this defaults to wishlisthero-floating , which is how the button is floating on the top right of the product card. hint: You can use wishlisthero-floating mycustomClass to apply additional styles
  5. Save and check how the card looks, you can edit the styles used in snippets/wishlisthero-styles.liquid



Wishlist Hero adds a snippet during installation that you can use for this purpose. Instruction for most themes are:

  1. On you store admin screen, Go to “Online store” > “Themes
  2. Check the theme you want to edit, and click on the “Actions” button, then on “Edit Code
  3. Now you are on the Theme files editor, you should look for where you want to place the wishlist icon in header. In most cases that is “header.liquid
  4. Start editing the file, search for the cart code. right before the cart please place the following snippet.

    {% render 'wishlisthero-header-icon.liquid' %}
  5. Save the file and preview in store.
  6. Optional: If you want to edit how the icon looks, you can always add any styles you want to add in “snippets/wishlisthero-styles.liquid

1. Go to `Themes` > `Sections` and search for the `product-template.liquid` Or just `Templates` > `product.liquid`
2. Find the location requested by the customer to add the button to, and just add a div with this id: `wishlist-hero-product-page-button` , example:

{% render 'wishlisthero-custom-button.liquid' %}