About us

Revamp Consulting was founded back in 2013, to co-build startups and work with businesses around the world to have better performance, scalability solutions and integration.


Our vision is to be the preferred provider of IT solutions to our clients.


Our mission at Revamp Consulting is to provide excellent, integrated and cost-effective IT services. In doing so, we also strive to provide an empowering work environment for our employees and build value for our shareholders.

Sameh Meligy

Sameh Meligy


Sameh has productive 27+ years of IT development and delivery management and a successful track record of leading diverse teams. He is acknowledged for managing multi-million annual services, establishing process models and leading positive organizational change on all levels: financial results, organization effectiveness & innovation. Sameh specializes in solving crises, whether it is budget constraints, tight deadlines, technical difficulties or all three. A short list of those customers includes Cisco, Verizon, Time Warner, Intel, Broadcom, Wipro and AT&T. 
Ahmed Sorour

Ahmed Sorour


Ahmed has over 27 years of experience in software development during which, he has successfully held positions as a developer, architect, Scrum Master, and project/product manager. As an expert in SDLC, Agile practices, and Project/Product Management, Ahmed helped many mid-size, multi-billion Dollar and Fortune 500 companies achieve their goals by building and customizing business solutions that help improve their bottom line. A short list of his clients includes the Mayo Clinic, Medtronic, 3M, Wells Fargo Bank, Allianz, and Thomson Reuters.