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Revamp specializes in helping training providers & colleges streamline and scale their learning process

For Colleges

SIS (Student Information System) to manage all your students information & services

For Training Providers

TMS (training Management System) to streamline internal & external traininng 

For Authors

Get the leading authoring tool from a certified partner

For Colleges

College SIS (Student Information System)

  • Manage your students information, grades, transcripts, GPA & certifcates
  • Manage schedule, attendance, penalties & rooms
  • Integrate with other software platforms like ERP, LMS, email marketing, and dashboards to streamline college operations.
  • Self-service portal that Integrates with payment gateways and accounting software to offer more options to your students.

Choose our College SIS to give your college a competitive edge in the education industry, and ensure that your students receive the best possible service.

For Training Providers

The leading Training Management Software (TMS) from Revamp

Digital Transformation

Overcome disconnected systems and manual processes. Everything happens in one place.

With our solution, you can focus on what truly matters:

  • Streamlined training administration, reduces administrative overhead and frees up staff time for more strategic activities.
  • CRM to collect and analyze customer data, which provides insights into customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviors.
  • Improve sales and marketing strategies. By tailoring sales and marketing efforts to specific customer segments.
  • Manage your offline POS sales and online sales.

Get ready to boost your academy’s profitability and efficiency like never before!

For Authors

iSpring Suite – the leading eLearning authoring tool

If you know PowerPoint, you know iSpring.

With iSpring Suite, you can effortlessly turn your PowerPoint presentations into engaging eLearning courses within no time!

iSpring does it all:

  • Slide courses
  • Interactive pages
  • Instructional videos
  • Smart quizzes
  • Role-play simulations
  • eLearning interactions

iSpring has raving reviews on Capterra & G2