UX/UI Design & MVP Scoping Service

We help you bring your app idea to the world, and present it to investors before actual MVP app development
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Delivery within two weeks. Starts from $4000

What we need

  • Project Scope Document

    This will help us better understand your requirements and tailor our approach to your specific needs

  • Discovery Workshop

    Meets with stakeholders to determine both the project’s goals and logistics, such as the budget and timeline. We work together to define the project objectives and establish standards for success

  • Competitors Analysis

    Your 3 main competitors, their USP (unique selling proposition), and your planned USP. That would help us build the App around it.

What you get

  • Clickable Prototype

    We will make your design alive. So, investors, partners, or customers would be able to feel the user flow of our app and the result they are getting even before your custom MVP app gets live. Will focus on 3 main scenarios and up to 8 screens design on one platform.

  • MVP Scope

    MVP development is the safest, low-cost, and low-risk approach to see if your idea is reasonable and actually solves issues it aims to.

  • Will need to 1) define priorities then 2) Distinguish “the needs” from “the wants”, then produce a Feature Priority Matrix, like the one below.

Award-Winning Results