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Facebook/Instagram Pixel Integration

Facebook pixel integration enables you to run targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram as well as take advantage of Facebook analytics and reporting. It collects data about customer patterns on your online store pages, enabling you to create more effective ad campaigns to retarget customers and bring them back to your site.

To create a Facebook Pixel, you need to first have a Facebook Ads Manager account. Click here to learn how to create one.

Once you have a Facebook Ads Manager account, you can create a Facebook pixel, assign it to your ads account and add site events that you want the pixel to track by following this step by step guide.

Once you have followed the above steps successfully, FB pixel will track shopper activity on your Revamp app events whenever they are triggered on your site and store that information.

You can now go a step further and use that information to create a personalized Facebook marketing campaigns based on the customer interactions with Revamp features.

Go to Ads Manager > Audience > Create Audience > Custom Audience.

Select Website Traffic.

In the dialog box that appears, select the pixel and the desired event (e.g. Add to Wishlist). This will filter down the audience to those users who have clicked on the “Add to Wishlist” button.

You can refine the filter as well as include or exclude based on further parameters.

Give the audience a name and click Create Audience.

You can now run dedicated ad campaigns for this audience.

For more information on how to create better Facebook ads leveraging your Facebook pixel, please visit this link.